Pocket Image Editor


Pocket Image Editor is a free program for .NET Compact Framework devices (such as Windows Mobile 2003 smartphones and PocketPCs) and PCs. Its main function is image editing in general. This means: to manipulate image files, to draw on images, to transform them or to apply effects on them. A whole new program missing from our program libraries till now!

Some of its functions are:

  • Point-and-click painting with colors and sizes and different movement behaviours. On PCs or Pocket PCs, you can click to move and paint.
  • Effects (Negative Colors, Black & White, Lightness).
  • File functions. Mini file browser included. Opening File supported. Saving File supported (.bmp). New Image supported. Importing image into current image supported.
  • Image Editing (Flipping, Resize, Paper Size).
  • Drawing(Line, Rectangle, Polygon,Text, Ellipse).
  • Undo (one level).
  • Making Selections: Select a region and edit it. Also supported are Copy, Paste and Fill (fill is not exactly the usual one. this function replaces pixels with the same color in the selected region with another color).
  • Comprehensive cursor-based GUI/interface.
  • Zoom.
  • Advanced Cursor movement (normal, accelerated and “paint when move”). Also, 4 cursor styles.
  • Auto-Loading (on start) and auto-save (on exit) options to the registry.

In addition, Pocket Image Editor is also intended to help developpers for .NET Compact Framework. It works on multiple platforms and customizes itself accordingly. It contains useful windows you could use in your application such as File Explorer, Color Picker, File Save, Get Points, Input Dialog, Save Image to BMP file, Image Editing Functions etc. It can also be called by a programas a modal dialog box to return an image.



One of the following platforms supporting Microsoft’s .NET Compact Framework:

  • Windows Mobile 2003 or later (Smartphones and Pocket PCs)
  • PC with Windows. Microsoft .NET Compact Framework or .NET Framework must be installed for the program to be executed.


The executable and source (VisualBasic.NET) are distributed in .zip format and can be opened with WinZip or WinRar or with Windows ME (or later) and other programs. Instructions are given inside to install the program on your .NET Compact Framework (such as Windows Mobile 2003 or later) devices and later.
Also, be sure to read the ReadMe and the license (GNU GPL) of the program.

Click here to download.


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