Kingherc’s ASP.NET Toolkit


The oldest of my projects, that hasn’t been updated in years is this toolkit. The full details can be found inside the toolkit, through its html-browsable guide. Click on a control to view a screenshot.

Some of its function are:

Image Editor

Image Editor includes two parts. The first one is the script, that analyzes some commands and makes the image. The second is the GUI (graphical user interface) which helps the user make the commands through a wizard. Image Editor creates .jpg and .gif images that can be saved on the hard disk. Image Editor takes advantage of many graphical methods of ASP.NET to help you create simple but also complicated images with nice quality and features.


Displayor is a placeable control you can use to hide/show content. It shows a small context, opened or close, with some content. The viewer is able to close or open it, so that he can have a better view of the possible different content subjects.

Photo/File Dir

This control lists the directories & sub-directories of a path, allowing the user to select one. Then, it can show the contents of the directory with icons next to each file. It also has events to capture the selections.


This is a poll. It gives the user the ability to choose and vote and see the results of the poll. In general, it connects to a database, retrieves the polls and change the characteristics upon voting. But it has several more advanced characteristics: It supports multiple votes or not. It supports voting from only authenticated users. It supports random polls. It supports poll categories. It supports password for editing. There is also a page included for the ones who want to give their visitors the opportunity to have their own poll.


This is a very simple control that I made to comfort me. You just choose a number when you place it on a page, according to which it will give back a different title set (with different background, different font size etc.). Then you just have to type the title you want to be showed up.

News (& Organizer)

This is to show up news. You can add a title, a date, a user, and the content. Then, it shows it up. The user has the ability to open/close the context of each piece of news.
There’s also an organizer included. It can automatically retrieve the title / date / user / content from text files in a directory on the server. You can select how many news to show, and how many to be opened or closed. There’s also a page included that contains news archives.

Holmok Image Handler

It’s an httpHandler. Dynamic thumbnail generation. Dynamic image resizing. Watermarking you images. Securing your images against external referrers. Securing your images against no referrers. Source code is available.

Mini Tools

These include right now: Thumbnail Creator and NumRenam (for enumerating filenames).


The toolkit is distributed in .zip format. Please read the included ReadMe and the license (GNU GPL) of the program. Click here to download.


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