Support my MIX 10K Challenge entry – HitEmUp!

I made a little Silverlight 3.0 game for the MIX 10K Challenge. HitEmUp features a classic idea, hitting enemies with your mouse as fast as you can! Hit ‘Em hard and quickly to gain more points and more ranks! Read the instructions at the start screen for more on the game logic. The game is complete in the sense that it has a beginning, a progressive speed and ends if you reach the top score. At the end it shows you a Game Over image taken randomly from the Bing services. It also features short sounds dynamically downloaded from the internet. The game gets really interesting and harder when you reach 175 score, about to get the Lieutenant rank. Try it!

As the entry can win the Community prize by gathering a lot of good ratings, I would like to ask you all to please support my entry by rating the game with 5 stars! Here’s where you can play and rate the game: Leave a comment if you like it!

At the end of January, after the contest’s finished, I will also post on my blog the source files of the game. I will upload the full version and the minified one. It was really interesting trying to minify 20K into 8K! But it can really happen for C# source files.


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